Handcrafted for Market Gardeners

Created to address the need for reliable, functional and durable tools, Growers & Co. produces a range of handcrafted equipment for market gardeners.

Tools for the Field

Growers & Co. tools support market gardeners in their everyday work, and help to maximize their harvests. Here are a few things that we are achieving with the production of our tools:
Local Craftsmanship
All tools are handmade locally by an artisan in Quebec, Canada.
Local Materials
From metals to wood, every aspect is sourced from local suppliers in Quebec.
Long Lasting Design
Our attention to precision, detail and design ensures that our tools are built for everyday use.
Giving Back
We give 2% of our sales back to those who are fostering change for growers.

Meet the Artisan

Take a tour of where the Growers & Co. tools are made.


The Essential Stirrup Hoe

Available in 3 sizes, the Growers Stirrup Hoe has a thin double-sided blade that travels beneath the soil to clip the weeds where they are most vulnerable.

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