Growers & Co. Magazine Issue 01

The first edition of Growers & Co. Magazine is dedicated to the pioneers who bravely fought to keep organics alive and to the growers who are now driving the movement further.
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The magazine celebrates the stories of the farmers, urban gardeners, homesteaders, innovators, chefs and activists all working to ensure that communities have sustainable, local and equitable food supply chains.

From a rural town in Quebec to the rolling hills of upstate New York, the first edition will feature a series of small-scale farms throughout the North-East. We discover the unique stories and the diverse experiences of those growing food for their local communities. The edition will also explore if Organics is really dead, why it might be time to rethink consumer policies, farm to table philosophies from our favorite chefs, and a focus on the rewilding of small farms.

92 pages

Av Singh
Benoit McConnell-Legault
Benoit Thivierge
Cheyenne Sundance
Chloe Roy
Dan Brisebois
Dave Chapman
Gregory Alan Isakov
Jesse Frost
Fisheye Farm
Fresh Pickins
Les Jardins du Chat Noir
Matty Matheson
National Young Farmers Coalition
Olivier Roberge
Winter Street Farm
And many others…